Beyond the Plate: Jackson Hole Juggernauts


The changing of the seasons has brought another Jackson Hole “off season,” where we band together as a company to offer dining deals to guests, while also raising money for Jackson Hole area non-profits.

Get to know the non-profits who will be receiving funds from this fall’s fundraising effort in a four-part blog series “Beyond the Plate.”

First up is the beneficiary of fundraising efforts from October 22 – 28: Jackson Hole Juggernauts.

The inception of Jackson Hole's own roller derby team, the Juggernauts, began in early 2012 when two friends watched a documentary about women’s roller derby. Inspired by the film, the women decided it was time to bring derby to the valley. The team had humble beginnings, as very few of the original players had ever been on skates before. They utilized the resources they had, which included a veteran player, a variety of clinics, advice from other leagues and countless hours of practice. Within a few short months, the team set their skates to the track for their first bout. Since then, the team has seen great success, as seasoned players gain more experience and new players bring different skills to the coalition. 

The Juggernauts pride themselves on being part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which consists of 348 different leagues from around the world. Since joining the association in 2016, the Juggernauts have skated their way up 200 positions (including bouts against international teams) and even came in second place to the Laramie Naughty Pines at the 2018 WYOCup. 

During the week of October 22, we invite you to dine out for a great deal and join us as we raise money for this group of dynamic, committed, athletic women.

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