Beyond the Plate: KHOL


In the third edition of our Beyond the Plate series, we are showcasing Wyoming’s community Radio station, 89.1 KHOL.  KHOL has remained the only community radio station in Wyoming since they took to the airwaves in 2008.  The content being broadcasted by local DJs can be accessed online and picked up from Victor, ID, all the way down to Alpine, WY.

The journey of KHOL was neither a short, nor an easy one.  Over a decade of preparations were required to gather community support and put the pieces of the puzzle together to finally launch in 2008.  The initial office and broadcasting center were located in a basement, making it extremely hard to pick up on the broadcast signal.  After about two years, the team was able to move above ground before finally settling in at their current location in the Center of the Arts building. 

One of the amazing parts of a radio station of this nature is the availability for community involvement.  Simply put: those able to commit two hours every week can have their own radio show.  There is no experience needed for this position, as the veterans at KHOL are happy to show newcomers the ropes.  Other than the two full-time employees and one part-time employee, the station is run completely by close to 60 volunteer DJs.  KHOL’s content is ad free and features a variety of shows ranging from music presented in both English and Spanish, to sports and food shows as well. 

 We thank KHOL for providing a creative space for our community and for broadcasting high-quality content all hours of the day. Join us in supporting KHOL when you dine out this week.

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