Fine Dining Restaurant Group Launches Eat Well. Do Good. Initiative

Fine Dining Restaurant Group Launches Eat Well. Do Good. Initiative


We are please to announce the introduction of Eat Well. Do Good., a movement where we join together to show when a community stands together, magical things begin to happen.

This spring, we are celebrating good deeds, however large or small. Simply share something you’ve done today to help someone else. Submissions can be made starting April 9 through the Fine Dining website or in any Fine Dining restaurant or specialty store. Good deeds will be chosen randomly from April 9 – May 14 and the givers will receive prizes, as a thank you from us for paying it forward in our community. 

Gavin Fine shared, “More than anything, I truly believe the strength of a community relies on the strength and support of its members. I find myself constantly in awe of the amazing ways in which our guests, friends, families, neighbors stand up and support each other. At the heart of the Eat Well. Do Good. campaign was the desire for us, as a restaurant family, to celebrate and encourage those around us who are taking the time to do something nice for someone else. We hope others will join us as we show when we stand together and offer a bit of kindness – that kindness has a ripple effect that can be felt far beyond the source. When we, as a valley, rally behind a cause, anything is possible.”

In addition to Eat Well. Do Good., we will be offering our signature off-season 2-for-2s from April 9-May 13, where guests are able to purchase one entrée and get the second for $2. One hundred percent of the money from the second entrée will be donated to a locally based, weekly featured non-profit.

Join us in starting a kindness revolution in our own backyard. And don't forget to be part of the conversation on social media by sharing your (or other’s) acts of kindness using #EatWellDoGood.

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