Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez
Chef, Bin22

Favorite Food: Thai or Mexican Food – not too spicy!
Favorite Drink: Homemade Horchata with a lot of ice or margaritas

Luis began working at Osteria in July 2012 as a line cook. He quickly developed a passion for cooking and wanted to soak up everything he could learn from the chefs he worked under. Progressing through every station on the line at Osteria, Luis was hungry for more. In 2017, Luis landed at Bin22 as the chef where he has taken the cuisine to new heights and developed a team where everyone is proud of what they do and excited to come to work every day. Luis’ calm demeanor, compassion, and desire to make others happy embody the hospitality that we look for in our leaders.

"I think every chef has the ability to make another person’s day. When I see someone try my food and leave the restaurant happy and with a smile on their face, that is the greatest reward and that is why I love being a chef." – Luis Hernandez