Melanie Seavey

Melanie Seavey
Manager, Il Villaggio Osteria

Favorite Food: Maple Creemees
Favorite Drink: Coffee

Melanie has shown perhaps the fastest growth in Fine Dining history, starting as a breakfast server just a year and a half ago to now overseeing one of our largest establishments. How did she do it? Optimism. Melanie’s demeanor doesn’t change between her breakfast shift and doing cashouts at midnight on days she works triples at Osteria. Her positivity and enthusiasm are contagious amongst the Osteria staff who are incredibly fortunate to have such a bright light leading them. The care and dedication she has put in to her time at Osteria thus far is admirable and we look forward to seeing what new height Melanie can achieve in her next year and a half with us!

“My favorite part about being a restaurant manager are the relationships that I form with everybody I interact with both on my team and the customers that come in the door. The diversity in the people I get to meet on a daily basis is what keeps me excited and coming back for more.” -Melanie Seavey