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Fine Dining Restaurant Group Releases Signature Coffee Blend


With a commitment to providing a well-rounded, complete dining experience - from the moment you enter our doors to the final cup of coffee at the conclusion of your meal, we are excited to share we have started a partnership with Jackson Hole-based Snake River Roasting Co. Working closely with them, we've created a Fine Dining Restaurant Group Signature Blend of coffee to perfectly compliment the Fine Dining experience.

The blend has a dark roast profile and regular acidity level. Dark roasted Uganda gives a smoky undertone and powerful body; Sumatra lends smoothness with slight chocolate and earthy notes; Mexico gives the coffee a bright and clean finish. Try it out and let us know what you think!

The Fine Dining Restaurant Group blend is now exclusively served at all five Jackson Hole restaurants and will be available to purchase from Bin22 and area retailers in the near future.